original framed cyanotypes, crown, willow, + specimen

cyanotype formula on paper


this series of cyanotype photograms is printed using the classic cyanotype chemical formula and the san francisco sun. these originals are housed within the actual frames that they were used to print in. they were printed on the artist’s roof under various weather conditions. her puppy and a few sunbathing neighbors looked on while the prints developed.

bishop has spent most of her life exploring the arts in various forms from theatre to interior design. currently, she is working from behind the computer screen as a graphic designer. this art show has served to reignite her passion for tangible art. by getting her hands dirty, she is reconnecting with what it means for her to be artist. as a perfectionist, this alternative process technique has allowed the artist to surrender control. once the piece is in the sun, you really can’t alter it and the sun does what it wants. there is no opportunity for nitpicking and one must simply accept what has been created. no two prints are alike. when the prints are developing there are a few minutes of dancing or stretching on the roof. all specimens are collected from plants in san francisco. some are old, some are new, and some are stolen.