Reawakening: Rare Device Employee Show Exhibition Design

ink printed on paper


the artist had the opportunity to create the exhibition identity for an employee group show at Rare Device, a store and gallery filled with well curated and designed items for the home. she designed a postcard, poster, mounted bios and a price list. the photo used in her designs was taken by the store photographer, Dave Medal.

show description: For all of us this theme seems particularly suitable, reflecting both the season of Spring with all its newness and the fact that each of us, in our work, is drawn to the natural world. ‘Reawakening’ suggests new growth, fresh starts, and being fully present. It shows itself in multiple ways: a sprout pushing up out of the ground, a new creative approach, or a focus on being more alive. The works shown here in all of our diverse mediums are reflective of what ‘reawakening’ means to each of us.